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Online mentorship

We currently offer packages of three-, six-, or nine-hour online mentorship sessions.

These one-hour sessions—conducted via Zoom—are spread over several weeks, in which our expert mentor will give you constructive feedback on your script, guide you through the process of developing your work, and be there for any doubts and questions you might have along the way.


"My online sessions with Patty were amazing! I’m going to continue to work on what she gave me. She was of great value to me and I hope to work with her again soon."

— Tytiona Coleman, screenwriter

Our online mentors

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Patty Papageorgiou


PATTY PAPAGEORGIOU is a script editor with a background in Production roles spanning over 20 years in the UK film & TV industry. She currently manages a team of readers for a notable Coverage service, and provides script consultancy and development advice for writers all over the world. Her own writing has achieved recognition from the London Screenwriter's Festival, Screencraft, Filmatic, Raindance, Killer Shorts, Outstanding Screenplays, and Netflix. She has two short stories published in anthologies in the US and the UK.


Who can apply?

Anyone! These online sessions are designed to be as accessible as possible, so that screenwriters all over the world, who perhaps can't make it to our retreats, can still get invaluable feedback and guidance on their screenplay. Anyone from beginners to seasoned screenwriters are welcome to apply.

How do I apply?

To apply, you can submit your treatment or script on our FilmFreeway page, under the category 'Online mentorship application'.

How much do the sessions cost?

These online sessions are priced at:

  • $600 for three hours of mentorship

  • $1000 for six hours of mentorship

  • $1400 for nine hours of mentorship

How do the sessions work?

You'll have an initial meeting with your mentor, and decide how you'd like to use your time together: perhaps you'd like several one-hour sessions over a period of weeks, or some longer sessions together. Based on yours and you mentor's time zones, you can decide when to meet and what to work on.

Any questions? Just ask!

Thanks for submitting!

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