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Feedback from our Onsite Retreats

Testimonials: Testimonials

I had a very productive and focused experience at Nostos, writing for hours everyday, receiving feedback on my script from a diverse group of people, and getting valuable training in the art of the pitch from leading industry professionals. Nora has been very active with promoting my script and helping me to get it into the right hands. I’ve also learned a great deal about how the film industry and financing work in Europe.
Nostos is a great place to sharpen your skills as a writer, and industry professional, and to make new friends.

Hal Schneider, Actor/Writer/Director

Feedback from our Online Workshops & Mentorship Sessions

Testimonials: Testimonials

The Nostos Online Screenwriting Workshop was a highly creative and motivating experience. Mentor Rudy Thauberger greatly helped to put my script on good tracks. The workshop makes you feel good and confident about your ideas.

Margaux Mitterrand, Writer & Director

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