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How do I apply?

To apply to either our onsite retreats or online workshops, you can submit your script for review at our Filmfreeway page. After reading and reviewing the scripts sent to us, we make a selection of writers to invite to our workshops, both online and onsite. Selected writers are notified and invited to one of our upcoming workshops.

How do the online workshops work?

In 2020, we started offering online workshops because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These workshops take place over the course of three weeks, in small groups of 7 writers and one of our trusted mentors (more information on our lovely mentors & guest speakers here!).

How do the onsite retreats work?

Our 3-week onsite retreats take place in our gorgeous villa in the peace and quiet of the Tuscan countryside. A group of up to 12 writers work with two mentors over the course of three weeks to develop their screenplay. Food and lodging are provided to allow writers to fully concentrate on their writing. Days are structured with breakfast at 9am, a morning workshop and free discussion, lunch, an afternoon of free writing (and one-to-one feedback sessions upon request), and dinner. Weekends are free.

When is the next retreat/workshop?

Please check our Retreats & Workshops page for detailed information on our upcoming events.

How much do the retreats cost?

The cost of our retreats and workshops varies. Our online workshops, in which a small group of writers work with a mentor over a three-week period, are our most economical option. Our onsite retreats in Tuscany include the cost of lodging in our beautiful Tuscan villa and delicious food by our holistic chef. The cost of these onsite retreats varies according to location and room type (single or double). For more information, please contact us.


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